Exotic India

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India is known for its ancient history and for diversified culture. Millions of tourists for many centuries are coming to India as travelers and the only words that have resonated since ancient times for this beautiful country are exotic and incredible. India indeed is an exotic country and it has stood up to its reputation with its display of warmth and luxury to anyone who steps foot on this land. While many are simply amazed at the mere grandeur of the things and sights, most are simply dumbfounded by the contrast of landscapes and culture, which though miles apart seem to have a lot in common, and this is only the beginning of what one can say about the incredible heaven that is India.

Exotic India

For the ease of it, a part of your visit can be one of the popular choices of millions of tourists, covering the entire northern expanse including Delhi, Rajasthan, and other states so that you can experience the very balance of traditional and modern aspects to this vast country. A true tour of North India will introduce you to the epitome of luxury and comfort at par of the royalty living here. Stay at the best hotels under the top hospitality partners including the Taj group, The Oberoi group, and many other hotels who will treat you like the kings and queens of old.

Some of these hotels are royal residences that have been modified for your stay in the 21st century. As you are chauffeured into the hotels in a vintage car, you will lay your eyes on decorated camels, horses and elephants ceremoniously welcome you while ladies dressed in state attire perform the 'aarti' and 'tikka' ceremonies to the music of the Shehnai. With services like personal butlers, personally curated menu, and activities like heritage walk to absorb the royalty oozing out of every corner and brick, it will be ensured that your entire visit is covered in bliss.

For those looking for a more modern-style luxury stay, the staff makes sure your every need is fulfilled at the highest standards at your convenience. Next, you can visit the important monuments from Red Fort to Pink Mahal, Qutub Minar to Taj Mahal, or Lotus Temple and Akshardham Temple to experience peace and spirituality. With extra-ordinary services combined with the unparalleled sense of hospitality possessed by the welcoming staff is sure to leave you overwhelmed by the sheer brilliance of it all.

For those who like to travel in style and do things differently, you can also opt for the ultimate luxury mode of transportation – The Palace on Wheels- the luxury train hailed as the 4th best luxury train in the entire world is indeed royalty melded into transportation, the Deccan Odyssey, for a deep look int the state of Maharashtra and the lands beyond the hustling cities of Mumbai and Pune, and the Golden Chariot – the train for those who want to go for an off beat journey while experiencing very unique, customized itineraries have been developed that leave a resonance of the amalgam of the culture of South India.

Once you have boarded the train, for the next 8 days after boarding the train, you will embark on a scintillating journey to the golden sand dunes and royal palaces as you are soaking in the majestic beauty and the real ambiance of this train. Here, you are offered the best care possible with a 24*7 concierge service ready to pamper you throughout the journey. Experience the sights of the changing landscapes as you indulge in the most authentic cuisines of the land curated by some of the best chefs in the world.

India has a unique history that is articulated through its majestic Dravidian temples and caves which have been acknowledged as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. A perfect place for those who love hiking around archaeological sites as well as through lush green forests, even the most indoor loving people will be tempted to step outside to enjoy the beauty surrounding the Deccan plateau and the abundant hill stations scattered throughout the country.

Go for a swim in the surrounding seas or go for the backwaters in Kerala, take a bow in front of mighty gods residing in the huge temples or bow a little as you take a look at the most intriguing Ajanta and Ellora caves with walls full of ancient history on it. With temples, palaces, relaxed beaches, hill stations, wildlife sanctuaries, tropical forests, backwaters, there is something for everyone.